Congratulations on your pending parenthood!! This might be the most exciting thing you've ever done and it can also be fraught with confusion, anxiety, seemingly endless decisions and for some of us, the most challenging aspect: a sense of losing control. BirthGoals Childbirth Consultation helps families navigate these weeks and months with personalized, non-judgmental, and pragmatic guidance. Meeting virtually, we explore topics and issues that are important to each family as they prepare for their new baby or babies. While no one can predict how your experience will play out, there are some things that can be anticipated: decisions to be made, aspirations to acknowledge and strive for, protocols to understand and prepare for, new baby behaviors that are more or less typical. The list goes on and on, and each family will have slightly different needs. I help families explore fears and concerns and how best to manage those. We discuss current and research-based information so that they are prepared to make the very best decisions for their situation and intentions. I provide additional perspective, bringing insight based on professional and personal experiences. My BirthGoals clients report feeling much less overwhelmed and confused and much more confident after our meetings.

I am a practicing birth doula, having attended over 300 births. I'm deeply familiar with the myriad issues that pregnant people and new parents face.  I am aware of and share pertinent information about hospital, birth center or home birth practices, as well as other information that might be most helpful for your specific situation. I've got hacks to share!

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