Preparing for birth and parenthood will look different for each family. Everyone will have different needs, expectations, fears and awareness, so my job is to meet you where you are and fill in the gaps that might be glaring as well as ones that you may not know exist.  I have topics that I've found helpful to cover, while leaving lots of room for exploration.

My consultation package includes:

2 Virtual Prenatal Consultations (2 hours each) 

1 Virtual Postpartum Consultation

Please contact me for a free assessment of your needs/my services.

I find it helpful to schedule our first meeting for around 34-ish weeks of pregnancy and the second for around 37-ish weeks. Upon being hired as a consultant I also include limited email support.

Childbirth Consultation Package Cost:


Elizabeth told us things that only a doula would 1. Know, and 2. Know better. Believe me, we wouldn't have known a couple of things if it were not for Elizabeth's experience. I even brought up a few interactions I had with staff previous to my induction and Elizabeth was able to explain WHY they probably said what they aid and how to deal with it emotionally.    Rachel

It was such a pleasure meeting with you and learning about birth. Having 1:1 sessions was really nice for our style :)   Kat and Cal